(lyrics to a spoken word poem I wrote recently. Had a lot on my heart! Hope you enjoy.) 

To be honest I doubted whether to write this down or not
To worried about what you would say
If I messed up on a rhyme 
So I did on purpose...
Hear me out! 
Like the man who dreamed a dream 
And decided to hold it in til he just couldn't hold it in no more..
No one would have even known
What this fantasy looked like if he hadn't painted a vivid picture of it all.
Black and white were his colors.
He painted the perfect example of what love would look like on a universal canvas 
And then put it on display for the whole world to see.
No one would have ever heard him until he screamed bloody murder about the racism that eventually got him bloody murdered. 
I'm telling you the fear to speak up when you know something's wrong
Has worse consequences than death  itself..

To whom much is given much is required! 
Knowledge and wisdom have been poured out on our Puny little minds..
By a force most of us cannot even comprehend and
no it's not the Internet...
There is freedom in the truth
There is freedom in the forgiveness
There is freedom at the cross! 
That cross where another man gave his life in order to display a grandiose picture of love and perfection. 
What an artist. 
His art has captured my attention a thousand times over again. 
I have cast my gaze upon freedom and love and perfection and now forevermore can no longer erase 
This image from my heart and mind. 
My standard now and forever will be a life of freedom
A life of love 
And a Life of truth. 

To whom much knowledge is given much is required..
A blessing or a curse? You decide 
But now that you know i pray you choose wisely 
Because you gotta know in order to be a hypocrite. 
Seek Freedom.

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