Right now even as I write I am doing something that I have not done yet once while writing any other blog post on my site, and that is listen to music while I write. I usually do not do this simply because I can usually focus better with the music turnt off, but tonight is a little different. Tonight I cannot turn off the new Bruno Mar's song "Locked Out of Heaven." I'''ll be perfectly honest with you -- I absolutely love this song and somewhere out there, there is a Christian who detests me because I as a Christian love this song that talks about sex and how it has made Mr. Mars over there feel, "locked out of heaven."

    I cannot pretend that I am too fond of Bruno Mar's lyrics at all, but the groove to the song and his voice? This man is talented! I am not writing this blog post to talk about how absurd Bruno Mar's lyrics are in this song, because I am a Christian and to be honest that would be too predictable and obvious, instead I wanna talk about his music video.

    Although his lyrics may be a little far-fetched his music video made me remember the days when I used to watch Bruno Mars and his band behind him, The Hooligans, do mini podcasts from their tour bus while they were on tour. These guys looked like they were having so much fun! They just laughed all the time, played awesome music, and put on one heck of a show! Watching these guys play not only made me envy their talent, but it made me envy their fun. It made me want to go out and dance around on stages and sing songs and hang out with my close friends and have the time of my life!

     As a Christian I feel like too much we have been held back by our churches and by ourselves quite frankly to not enjoy life and have some fun. I believe the Christian life is a mission, yes, and I believe there is work to do for the kingdom, but there is also this immense amount of emphasis on fellowship, joy and pleasure to the Glory of God, and I feel like Christians don't know how to do that. The world puts a standard that fun is only able to be had through sex, drugs, alcohol, and other adrenaline pumping and unsober-minded things. I heard the argument once that, if the only way you can have fun is through drugs, sex, and alcohol, then you probably aren't a fun person, and I couldn't agree more.

    I watched the movie "Beware of Christians" this summer, which is actually a documentary following four Christian college students around Europe, and It was such a eye-opener and peaceful reminder to me that as a Christian I can joke around and just have fun with people! Why can't we dance around and go insane and do it cleanly without lust and while be of a sober mind? Why can't we have more church events that involve Christians getting together to not just sit around and talk, but PARTY. Why does the word "partying" in the church have to have negative connotations?

    In Bruno Mars music there was a lot of girls and lust and blah blah blah, but there were scenes of him and his boys just hanging out and performing and dancing all over the stage and I just sit here and envy that so much...I want to dance. I want to go insane with friends. I want to laugh until my stomach hurts and I know that this can be done to the glory of God. In purity. In right-mind. In grace. And in excitement.

    I'm just venting a little here cause I really enjoy just having a good time, and I loved helping DJ dances in Highschool because to honest I love most of all helping others to have a good time! I love being able to perform in front of people, and I love being able to write for other people, if that means a little added enjoyment in their life! Because I believe joy is a strict attribute through the spirit of God that needs to be experienced in the Christian life or else the Christian begins to suffer to not look like Christ, but rather like the world that can only seek to have immediate pleasure. The great thing about being a Christian is that we can take the things of the world like dances and parties and we can enjoy them and yes receive some sort of immediate pleasure, but through Christ we receive the knowledge that this goes far beyond the dance but for all eternity cause it helps benefit your soul and souls in which you have fellowshipped with during your experience.

I hope all that made sense! I kinda am rushing to get to Chapel on time! I know there are a lot of grammatical errors probably too, but I'll take care of that after chapel! Thanks for reading!

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