I have, in the last few days, just been so convicted about the Christian life. I have had a complete turn around in my heart, in which all I want to do is pursue Christ. This does not mean I am waking up every morning with a smile on my face saying, "Praise the Lord!" This simply means that even on my darkest days and in my deepest temptations, I just truly want to pursue Christ.

I wish to be in the word and preach it. I wish to go out and love every one I see and meet! I do not feel like I am doing enough for the Gospel! And I wish to do more. In my last post I wrote about some of the dreams and visions that God has placed on my heart and I just have been in such deep prayer about them all lately. I truly just want to do something for the Kingdom of God and not that blogging does not reach the hearts and minds of some people, but that I just wish to make sure that I am not hiding behind a computer screen, but adamantly proclaiming the name of Christ with my daily life.

I have so much that I wish to write, but I am convicted not to write and give advice as much right now until I begin to start experiencing the Holy Spirit in my daily pursuit of Christ. I want to experience the presence of God in my life in more than just a short or long quiet time where I read scripture and pray. I want to experience the Holy Spirit in more than just blogging or video-logging. I want to experience the Holy Spirit in more than just a worship night or church on sundays.

I want to experience the Holy Spirit when I walk down the street and show love to someone. I want to experience the Holy Spirit when I hang out with someone I have never hung out with before and am able to share the gospel in a deeper way. I want to experience the Holy Spirit when I spend time with my friends who don't believe in living a dedicated life of discipleship to Jesus Christ. I want to share in more memories and more experiences with my God.

I do not think this is wrong to desire either! I believe that as a Christian there is a relationship between oneself and God and as in any relationship the more the experiences and memories the pair has, the more the relationship begins to grow and blossom into something much more beautiful than it was before. I am finishing up my semester here at Southeastern and when I get back home I do plan I blogging, but I will be seeking diligently to love on others and give all I have to the kingdom because that is the Christian life. I want to be so busy with doing the work of the Kingdom over break that it becomes hard for me to blog! But, my prayer is that as I grow in my work for the kingdom I would have a deep desire to share that with all of you who are reading my blogs. God bless! Happy Holidays!

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