So, I was thinking the other day about the way in which I view the holiday of Christmas, and I realized that I have celebrated the birth of Jesus so much that I think I might have grown out of being excited for it.

I do not mean growing out of giving and getting gifts, cause I'm human, I love giving gifts and I love getting them also! What I mean by growing out of my excitement for Christmas is that I just do not find the birth of Jesus as riveting to me. I do not find the birth of Christ as compelling or life-altering at all. I love the lights, the holiday cheer, the cookies, the presents and everything else but yet I do not find the "reason for the season" as interesting as I used to.

So I took a few steps back and reevaluated my view of Christmas and thought about if there were any other ways to make the birth of Christ more personal to me. What I found was life-changing.

Just like almost every other time in my life when something is life-altering for me, it usually involves something having to do with a relationship in my life. This time was no different. See I realized that Christmas would be more important to me if I brought the meaning to a more personal level than the one that I had been taught my entire life.

I think an awesome way to look at the birth of Christ is as a time of reminiscing and celebrating your relationship with him. I began to think of my relationship with Christ as the relationship described in scripture between Christ and the church, as a marital engagement.

I pictured myself engaged to the love of my life and during that engagement process my love has a birthday and during that time I begin to sit back and think...think about all the wonderful times we have shared together and how thankful I am that my love was born, because if they were not born then we would not be engaged at all and I would not be getting ready to celebrate the most defining moment in our relationship which is marriage and in this case the second coming of Christ in which he takes us to be with him for eternity.

I think that thinking about Christmas this way really helped change the way in which I viewed the holiday season! I hope you all can find some way to view this day as more than just a time of gifts and hot cocoa! haha although those are great! Merry Christmas everyone!

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