Riddle me this: how does one define his or her strength compared to the vast majority of the universe? In fact......what does it mean to have strength at all? The ability to survive cannot be all there is to strength, for all creation would suffer to bow to their knees as utterly weak when put up against death itself? Her mighty armor and keen tactics allow her to be practically indestructible, and thus forcing man to be seemingly defenseless against her. It seems as if Death herself is strongest amongst the lands, yet the idea of a prolonged life, and a attempt to rage war against death still lingers in the minds of even the greatest of philosophers.

    As you know, I am on a journey to find the one who walks around these parts and claims to be ideal. The ideal one must be able to fill every ounce of wishful inklings within my pitiful soul, and if not then he can not be deemed ideal, but rather, human.
    I have been traveling for about 18 days now, and have crossed almost everything imaginable. I have suffered the grand open trail, filled with loneliness and regret. I have climbed everlasting mountains that have rewarded me with only fear rather than accomplishment. I have taken the bite of a snake, and sworn to the gods above that I saw her majesty standing next to me in all her death and despair, but yet still to this day, not one thing has seemed, at the slightest, ideal.
    I cannot return to my town and to her majesty without a valid answer! To be quite honest, it is not as if I do not have an answer, but rather that the answer I do have, I am not satisfied with! I wish to taste more, and since my taste-buds can desire a taste greater than what they have already tasted, I must believe that their is something greater to taste!
    Those examining this journal of mine would attempt to question, "why is this fool babbling on about his desires and wishes, and not telling anyone about his journey?" Well, my dear reader, there is a terribly daft answer for that, and that is that I.Am.Lost.
    Horribly and freakishly lost...no one to turn too, no road to turn off of, just the dark forest ahead of me and a small lamp to guide path. I have stopped to write, because I am sure that I have heard creatures whispering in the dark, crying out devilish things, like "kill yourself" and "die today, not tomorrow." What these things could mean, I haven't the slightest clue! But I am sure that next time I write I will be in the light! I will be walking towards the sunrise on the hill of a green valley! I know it must be true, because I have wished it! I have dreamt it! And I believe that one's wishes and dreams shall come true through grand pursuit! I must stay calm and focused! I will make it to the ideal one....I just need to....keep...on walking...................
        I can hear the creatures calling again.............they call me by name....they say they want my heart....................I am not a coward.........I am...not....a coward.........I will....write....soon. Sincerely.......yours truly.....the diary of.......Frank Mogsley....

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    My name is Ben Carter and I like to write. This is going to be a long continuous story about a man on a journey to find what and who is "Ideal" as he fights to escape the evil clutches of one who has that of a similar resemblance to death itself..


    November 2012